A StatisticalPopulation is a set of instances of a certain given type that satisfy some set of constraints. The property [[populationType]] is used to specify the type. Any property that can be used on instances of that type can appear on the statistical population. For example, a [[StatisticalPopulation]] representing all [[Person]]s with a [[homeLocation]] of East Podunk California, would be described by applying the appropriate [[homeLocation]] and [[populationType]] properties to a [[StatisticalPopulation]] item that stands for that set of people. The properties [[numConstraints]] and [[constrainingProperties]] are used to specify which of the populations properties are used to specify the population. Note that the sense of "population" used here is the general sense of a statistical population, and does not imply that the population consists of people. For example, a [[populationType]] of [[Event]] or [[NewsArticle]] could be used. See also [[Observation]], and the [data and datasets](/docs/data-and-datasets.html) overview for more details.