A collection of music tracks in playlist form.

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Without Markup (source lint)

Classic Rock Playlist

1.Sweet Home Alabama - Lynard Skynard
2.Shook you all Night Long - AC/DC
3.Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top
4.Old Time Rock and Roll - Bob Seger
5.Hurt So Good - John Cougar

RDFa (source lint)

<div vocab="" typeof="MusicPlaylist">
  <span property="name">Classic Rock Playlist</span>
  <meta property="numTracks" content="5"/>

  <div property="track" typeof="MusicRecording">
    1.<span property="name">Sweet Home Alabama</span> -
    <span property="byArtist">Lynard Skynard</span>
    <link href="sweet-home-alabama" property="url" />
    <meta content="PT4M45S" property="duration" />
    <meta content="Second Helping" property="inAlbum" />

  <div property="track" typeof="MusicRecording">
    2.<span property="name">Shook you all Night Long</span> -
    <span property="byArtist">AC/DC</span>
    <link href="shook-you-all-night-long" property="url" />
    <meta content="PT3M32S" property="duration" />
    <meta content="Back In Black" property="inAlbum" />

  <div property="track" typeof="MusicRecording">
    3.<span property="name">Sharp Dressed Man</span> -
    <span property="byArtist">ZZ Top</span>
    <link href="sharp-dressed-man" property="url" />
    <meta content="PT4M13S" property="duration" />
    <meta content="Eliminator" property="inAlbum" />

  <div property="track" typeof="MusicRecording">
    4.<span property="name">Old Time Rock and Roll</span> -
    <span property="byArtist">Bob Seger</span>
    <link href="old-time-rock-and-roll" property="url" />
    <meta content="PT3M12S" property="duration" />
    <meta content="Stranger In Town" property="inAlbum" />

  <div property="track" typeof="MusicRecording">
    5.<span property="name">Hurt So Good</span> -
    <span property="byArtist">John Cougar</span>
    <link href="hurt-so-good" property="url" />
    <meta content="PT3M39S" property="duration" />
    <meta content="American Fool" property="inAlbum" />

microdata (source lint)

<div itemscope itemtype="">
  <span itemprop="name">Classic Rock Playlist</span>
  <meta itemprop="numTracks" content="5"/>

  <div itemprop="track" itemscope itemtype="">
    1.<span itemprop="name">Sweet Home Alabama</span> -
    <span itemprop="byArtist">Lynard Skynard</span>
    <link href="sweet-home-alabama" itemprop="url" />
    <meta content="PT4M45S" itemprop="duration" />
    <meta content="Second Helping" itemprop="inAlbum" />

  <div itemprop="track" itemscope itemtype="">
    2.<span itemprop="name">Shook you all Night Long</span> -
    <span itemprop="byArtist">AC/DC</span>
  <link href="shook-you-all-night-long" itemprop="url" />
    <meta content="PT3M32S" itemprop="duration" />
    <meta content="Back In Black" itemprop="inAlbum" />

  <div itemprop="track" itemscope itemtype="">
    3.<span itemprop="name">Sharp Dressed Man</span> -
    <span itemprop="byArtist">ZZ Top</span>
    <link href="sharp-dressed-man" itemprop="url" />
    <meta content="PT4M13S" itemprop="duration" />
    <meta content="Eliminator" itemprop="inAlbum" />

  <div itemprop="track" itemscope itemtype="">
    4.<span itemprop="name">Old Time Rock and Roll</span> -
    <span itemprop="byArtist">Bob Seger</span>
    <link href="old-time-rock-and-roll" itemprop="url" />
    <meta content="PT3M12S" itemprop="duration" />
    <meta content="Stranger In Town" itemprop="inAlbum" />

  <div itemprop="track" itemscope itemtype="">
    5.<span itemprop="name">Hurt So Good</span> -
    <span itemprop="byArtist">John Cougar</span>
    <link href="hurt-so-good" itemprop="url" />
    <meta content="PT3M39S" itemprop="duration" />
    <meta content="American Fool" itemprop="inAlbum" />

JSON-LD (source lint)

<script type="application/ld+json">
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "MusicPlaylist",
  "name": "Classic Rock Playlist",
  "numTracks": "5",
  "track": [
      "@type": "MusicRecording",
      "byArtist": "Lynard Skynard",
      "duration": "PT4M45S",
      "inAlbum": "Second Helping",
      "name": "Sweet Home Alabama",
      "url": "sweet-home-alabama"
      "@type": "MusicRecording",
      "byArtist": "AC/DC",
      "duration": "PT3M32S",
      "inAlbum": "Back In Black",
      "name": "Shook you all Night Long",
      "url": "shook-you-all-night-long"
      "@type": "MusicRecording",
      "byArtist": "ZZ Top",
      "duration": "PT4M13S",
      "inAlbum": "Eliminator",
      "name": "Sharp Dressed Man",
      "url": "sharp-dressed-man"
      "@type": "MusicRecording",
      "byArtist": "Bob Seger",
      "duration": "PT3M12S",
      "inAlbum": "Stranger In Town",
      "name": "Old Time Rock and Roll",
      "url": "old-time-rock-and-roll"
      "@type": "MusicRecording",
      "byArtist": "John Cougar",
      "duration": "PT3M39S",
      "inAlbum": "American Fool",
      "name": "Hurt So Good",
      "url": "hurt-so-good"


rdf:type schema:MusicPlaylist
schema:name Classic Rock Playlist
schema:numTracks 5
  • rdf:type schema:MusicRecording
    schema:byArtist Bob Seger
    schema:duration 3 minutes and 12 seconds
    schema:inAlbum Stranger In Town
    schema:name Old Time Rock and Roll
  • rdf:type schema:MusicRecording
    schema:byArtist AC/DC
    schema:duration 3 minutes and 32 seconds
    schema:inAlbum Back In Black
    schema:name Shook you all Night Long
  • rdf:type schema:MusicRecording
    schema:byArtist Lynard Skynard
    schema:duration 4 minutes and 45 seconds
    schema:inAlbum Second Helping
    schema:name Sweet Home Alabama
  • rdf:type schema:MusicRecording
    schema:byArtist ZZ Top
    schema:duration 4 minutes and 13 seconds
    schema:inAlbum Eliminator
    schema:name Sharp Dressed Man
  • rdf:type schema:MusicRecording
    schema:byArtist John Cougar
    schema:duration 3 minutes and 39 seconds
    schema:inAlbum American Fool
    schema:name Hurt So Good